Terms and Conditions of Vehicle Rental

This vehicle has liability coverage, and $3000.00 deductible collision. Client agrees to pay the deductible portion of any insurance claims arising from the rental or use of this vehicle and interest on any unpaid balance, from due date, at a rate of 15% annually until paid in full.

Client assumes all responsibilities for any damage or injury to any person or property arising from the operation of this vehicle by an authorized or unauthorized driver and shall hold harmless and indemnify Ben’s West Coast Jeep & Taxi Services, from any claim, suit, or expense arising there from.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) (optional): Cost is U.S. $15.00 per day. CDW is not insurance. In the event of an accident, the client will be responsible for the first U.S. $500 With CDW. With the purchase of CDW, A deposit of U.S. $750 is required at the beginning of the rental. If the client declines CDW, they will be responsible for the first U.S. $1500 in the event of an accident and a deposit of U. S. $1500 or a signed credit card will be required at the beginning of the rental. NB: All online bookings whether with or without CDW, a US$1500 deposit is required when paying online. 

Some credit card companies offer car insurance to their clients. ‘n some cases, this insurance may not apply to car rentals outside their home country. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm his/her coverage to the renter. Clients are advised that In the event of an accident, all repairs must be settled for locally. They will be given copies of bills, which they may then claim back from their insurance agency at home.

Age Requirements: Renter must be 25 years of age and no more than 65 years old, with a minimum of three (3) years driving experience in order to rent a vehicle, due to insurance policy.

Rental Period: Rentals are usually based on 24 hours. The vehicle should be returned at the end of the rental about the same time delivered. There is a two-day minimum rental. 

Vehicle Delivery: There is a delivery fee of $25US per delivery for locations other than Hewanorra International Airport and Soufriere. When booking online, please select the delivery fee under the extras section if you desire the vehicle to be delivered to your desired location. Please note that we will charge a delivery fee once you request the vehicle to be delivered to locations other than those specified. 

Cancellation Policy: Notice of cancellation must be given one week prior to reserved date in order to receive a full refund. less than one-week notice, two-day rental fee will be charged. Otherwise, if vehicle has already been delivered, you may be responsible for 50-100% of car rental cost for the period reserved. If client has already committed to the rental agreement and decided to return the vehicle during the rental period the client will still be liable for full payment. Please be guided that there are fees associated with refunding clients; all refund fees are the sole responsibility of the client. 

Vehicle is delivered in good operating condition and includes tires, tools, equipment, accessories and keys. The client will pay for damage or 1055 of any part or component of the vehicle caused by accident, water, fire, or theft, regardless of who is at fault, to the full value. Where CDW is taken, responsibility for damages is waived-providing the vehicle is operated in accordance with all conditions of the contract. Client is responsible for all gas used, flat or damaged tires, and traffic violations. Vehicles must not be driven on the beach. It is against the law.


In addition to the other provision hereof, in using this vehicle, the driver must not: 

  • Exceed the speed limit of 10 mph in and around town and 30 mph in the country. 

  • Carry pets 

  • Drive while drinking alcohol or while intoxicated.

  • Remove the soft-top of the vehicle. (If removed, a $50.00 fee will be charged) 

  • Fold down the windshield

  • It is absolutely imperative to not remove the hard-top off any of the vehicles or the vehicle doors. In doing so will be deemed as a breach of the rental agreement with West Coast Jeeps with a 100% no refund policy. 

Please Drive On The Left Side Of The Road!

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