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Soufriere is located in the West Coast of the island of St.Lucia. The breath-taking beauty of Soufriere’s many natural land formations and exotic scenery, has made it the best and must visit location in St.Lucia. Whether you decide to stay in the north or south of the island during your visit, West Coast Tours would be happy to help you discover Soufriere. All our tours are private tours and flexible in terms of customization.  We pick all our clients up from their stay location. Lunch stops in Soufriere to some of the most amazing restaurants on the West Coast. 

Here is a list of must-see areas in and around Soufriere that we know you will enjoy. If there is a location you wish to visit that is not on the list, feel free to communicate this with us and we can advise accordingly. Fill out the form below to build your tour and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Toraille Waterfalls & Gardens

Toraille Waterfalls gushes 50 feet over a cliff-side and into a pool located in the heart of this beautiful garden. With this visit enjoy a nature trail to discover the exotic colors of the garden, a sitting area created for picnics, or a dip in the man-modified plunge pool. 

There is an entrance fee to this location. 

Sulphur Springs 

Enjoy a walk through our drive-in-volcano and observe natures pools and hot springs. Listen to the amazing details about the volcano from onsite tour guides. After your tour why not enjoy a dip in the black water pool/mud bath.

Destress with this amazing mud bath experience while the mud rejuvenate your skin. 

Rabot Estate

Enjoy the twin peaks emerging from the Caribbean sea in your front view, and the rainforest and Mount Gimie in your back view. This 140 acre estate is divided up into 16 different cortès or areas of terroir, with evocative names steeped in history, such as L’Hermitage, Ti Jardin, Marcial, Mathilde and Rameau. Home to Hotel Chocolat. 

Mourne Coubaril Estate

This 250 acre estate is a working estate showcasing traditional agricultural methods. Guides show how coconuts are opened, roasted and sent off to be made into margarine, soaps, oil and animal feed. Also enjoy adrenaline rush of ziplining under the sheer Petit Piton, with elevated views of the historic town of Soufriere and the Caribbean Sea in this stop. 

Tet Paul Trail

Wind your way up grand stairways past the spectacular vistas of this world heritage site. While on the trail you will see a herb garden and cassava hut, where you will see the traditional art of farine and cassava production. Once you reach the top of the trail you will see an excellent view of the Pitons, Mount Gimme and on a clear day St. Vincent Breathe Taking. 

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Diamond Waterfalls and Tropical Gadens

This waterfall shimmer down the mountain from the volcano. 

Enjoy a walk through this breath-taking garden as you pass many photo opportunities. Continue your journey to the Diamond falls. Also available on property is a mini shop for souvenirs and local treats. 

Enbas Saut Rainforest Trail & Waterfalls

This 60 minute hike is 2.5 miles within central rainforest reserve. Enjoy rainforest, cloud forest and wildlife. Birds are also common in this area as well as the St.Lucian Parrot. This trail is famous for it's two waterfalls and pools at the head of the Troumassee river. End your hike at the waterfall and natural pool; a popular swimming spot.

Piton Falls

Right on the way to Petit Piton, enjoy a 30ft drop of warm spray of mineral water. A short walk accessible via a series of steps take you to the waterfall. 

The waterfall drops into a pool that is warm any time of day. Enjoy a dip in nature's finest. 

Jerusalem Mineral Baths 

What a welcome treat for sore muscles. A short 10 minute walk takes you to the mineral baths. The baths provide seating area and three different water tempretures flowing from bamboo faucets above. Most visitors enjoy the water pressure which feels like a warm body massage. 

Gros Piton Nature Trail

Most will agree that the first half of this trail is easy and many will enjoy. Caves, tunnels, rock shelters, camps, signal stations, look-outs and landing sites make the tour interesting and mystical.The second half of this trail is a bit more challenging and is intended for the more adventurous hiker. Approximate time 4 hours round trip. 

Sapphire Falls & Jungle Spa 

Enjoy a relaxing hike with Jahrod. He will teach you about this tropical paradise, from the various types of plants and their medical uses, to the geology and history behind the sulfur springs. At the end of this 15-45 minutes hike, is the secluded and crystalline waterfall.  Includes a mud bath, handmade mineral spring pool, the waterfall itself, a minimalist changing room, and a bathroom. 

Use the form below to request your customized, private tour with us. A representative will communicate via e-mail to confirm your tour. 

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